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I am a graphic designer based in Toronto, Canada.

Simplicity and clarity are at the core of my design work. I strive for synergy in meeting client expectations while immersing them in creative thinking and collaboration.


With 11 years of solid professional experiences across different industries, I am adept at the theory and practice of design, branding, and marketing communications. Trained and educated in renowned humanities and art institutes in the Philippines and the United States, I deliver international quality outputs and thrive in multicultural work environments. 

My design practice employs a client-centered approach covering the following functions:


  • Customized design and layout for essential communication assets such as company logos, advertisements, newsletters, posters, websites, etc.

  • Strategic direction for marketing and internal brand communications for social media, web, print and other audio-visual products

  • Development of brand review tools and guidance for quality assurance of marketing collaterals and multimedia products

  • Training junior staff members and students in the fundamentals of design and branding

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